Homemade Salted Caramels
Recipe type: Dessert
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
  • 1 cup of heavy cream
  • ½ cup of butter
  • 1½ cups of sugar
  • ¼ cup of corn syrup
  • ¼ cup of water
  • ½ tsp of vanilla
  • ½ tsp of coarse sea salt
  1. Spray a 9x5 loaf pan with non stick coking spray and then line with parchment paper so that the excess paper comes up the sides.
  2. Cut up the butter into slices and combine with the heavy cream. Microwave in increments of 30 seconds until the butter is melted.
  3. In a medium to large saucepan, combine the sugar, corn syrup, and water. Stir just until the sugar is moistened and uniform, being careful not to splash sugar on sides.
  4. Heat over medium heat until the mixture comes to a boil. Cover with a lid for 1 minute (this helps wash any sugar on sides back in). Then remove the lid BUT do not stir after this point.
  5. Continue to cook over medium to medium-high heat and let the sugar syrup come to a boil without stirring. Cook until mixture reaches 320, the syrup will begin to darken slightly.
  6. Turn off the heat and slowly add the warm cream and butter mixture a little at a time while gently whisking (will bubble violently).
  7. Turn burner back on to medium-high.
  8. Let the caramel come to a boil and reach 240 without stirring.
  9. Remove from heat and whisk in the vanilla.
  10. Pour into the prepared loaf pan. Cool 20 to 30 minutes then scatter the sea salt over the caramel.
  11. Let the caramel cool for 4 hours.
  12. Lift out of the pan using parchment paper and onto a cutting board.
  13. If caramels are still too soft, refrigerate for 30 minutes.
  14. Cut the caramels into candies with a very sharp knife.
  15. Cut squares of wax paper a little larger than caramels.
  16. Wrap each in the wax paper and twist the ends.
Recipe by Sweet and Simple Living at https://sweetandsimpleliving.com/homemade-salted-caramels/