Meet Jennifer Garza.  I’m the Austin Texas blogger behind Sweet and Simple Living.  I’ve been on a mission to keep life simple.  You will not find me “keeping up with the Jones” or buying the lastest trends.  I’m a simple gal with minimal needs and wants.  In my spare time, you will catch me in the garden, on the beach or in my kitchen baking something delicious!

Why Sweet and Simple Living?

If you’re over age 35, we know you recall the eighties and early nineties. You remember when computers became common place and the automation that made possible in our everyday lives. These innovations promised us more time and an easier way of doing things. While our ideals were big, what really happened was completely different. Instead of ease and an abundance of time, the world got faster, expected things more quickly and became all about convenience and consumption. Consumerism went rampant and everything became disposable.

I recently read that modern society has the least amount of leisure time since people did back in the middle ages! Instead of all the modern conveniences allowing us more leisure time to spend with family and friends, that time is filled with watching TV and shopping.

I want to get back to the simple life. Where the “things” we have add to our lives rather than detract, where they mean something and our focus is on the people I love and sharing time with them.

Flash forward a few years and this notion of what’s truly important was proven once again. You’ll recall the .com bust, 9/11, the crash of the housing market and nearly our entire economy, and way of life. People lost jobs, homes and loved ones. One bit of good that arose from the ashes was people’s realization that their families and time spent with friends is what life is really all about.

Having lived through these events we’ve come to a few realizations. Life is short, even a hundred years goes by in a flash. Family, good friends and doing something you love everyday are the secret to happiness and while we like convenience as much as the next gal, the world we live in has limits.

Sweet and Simple Living is a way for me to share with you things that matter.

  • Recipes that my family enjoy but don’t take all day to make
  • Crafts that are fun and help fulfill the need we all have to create
  • Home décor that has meaning
  • Green living that makes an impact but is manageable for a normal person

Join me on my journey to take back the American dream . . . sweet and simple living!