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Easy Pull Apart Pizza Bread (Our Favorite Recipe)

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Easy Pull Apart Pizza Bread

I’m always looking for fast and easy recipes and this one definitely fits the bill!  Try this Easy Pull Apart Pizza Bread recipe!

It goes nicely with a side of pizza sauce as a dip too!  Get creative with the dips.  You can use ranch, blue cheese or any of your favorite pizza, pasta or marinara sauces!

I used my favorite bundt pan to make this one.  Be sure to spray it with a non stick cooking spray and beware that the cheese does stick to the edges of the pan.  I used a knife to separate the bread before I flipped the bread onto a plate and it worked out just fine.  I think my bundt pan really helped though.

UPDATE:  I just received a cast iron bundt pan and it makes the BEST crust I’ve ever tasted!  I have a new love for cast iron cookware.  The tip is to make sure it’s well seasoned and it won’t stick at all!  I never realized just how much a difference the crust would make.  I also learned there is a high demand for cast iron cookware.  It’s heavy but so worth trying.

UPDATE #2:  I just had to jump on here and update you will a BRAND NEW Low Carb Keto Pull Apart Pizza Bread recipe that I created!  I make the switch to the Keto way of eating about a year ago and it’s been the best decision ever!  If you are trying to lower your carb intake or interested in learning more about the Ketogenic Diet, read this:  Simple Way to Start the Ketogenic Diet


TIP:  This is one of the best Italian Seasonings I’ve ever tasted: McCormick Italian Seasoning

Easy Pull Apart Pizza Bread

Pull Apart Pizza Bread

This recipe is extremely popular and liked by many when you use the pizza dough in a can.  I’m getting mixed reviews for the biscuits so if this is your first time making it be sure to use the pizza dough!  It’s highly rated!!!

We love easy recipes but they also have to be delicious too!  If you are in need of a really good cookbook that provides easy and delicious recipes we highly recommend:

Real Simple Best Recipes: Easy, Delicious Meals Update 1-6-2014

Isn’t this stuff amazing. My whole family loved it. Jen originally made it in a bundt pan, but since I don’t have one I tried it in a regular old Pyrex 9×13 (just like this one here) and it came out great.

Easy Pull Apart Pizza Bread

4.24 from 13 votes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes

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  2. would love to see more of the recipes that you have to offer. Thank you so much. Will try this tomorrow.

        1. I have seen a couple versions of this recipe…All others use 2 (16 ounce) pkgs of dough for a total of 32 ounces…This version has 2 (8 ounce) packages total 16 ounces. Is there a typo for the dough? Is this why some had too greasy of a result? Looks yummy planning to make tonight for friends.

        2. I’ve made this with everything you find on a Deluxe pizza and then somebetween every layer of dough.. I brushed pizza sauce… once all the dough is in the pan top it off with a coat of pizza sauce and top it with the remaining topping and cheese… cover with foil and bake… Oh my YUM!

    1. I have not tried this. It only takes me about 5 minutes to through everything together. I would be a bit worried that the dough would stick together if it sat in the fridge overnight. I’m not sure though. If you decide to try it, please let me know.

  3. Really liked the taste of this but the edges got really tough and it stuck to the pan something fierce. I oiled the sides before cooking. Any tips to keep this from happening again?

      1. 5 stars
        I use “Bakers Joy” non stick spray. I have some of the best Nordic ware pans and before I found out about Bakers Joy I had a time with my cakes sticking something terrible. This stuff is the best thing since sliced bread!!

    1. Using baking paper to line baking pans. never used to and had a job getting m pans clean. since living with my daughter who uses paper in every dish that goes in the oven, Washing up has become so much easier.
      Cut a cross in the centre when using a bundt pan.

  4. i just tried this yesterday and the dough was raw, is there something I can do to make it cook inside? I did use turkey sausage, could that have done it? Need suggestions because what was cooked tasted great!

    1. You may have to cook it longer than I did. Each oven could be a little different. If you notice the top part starts to brown before it’s done in the middle, be sure to cover it with tin foil so it won’t burn.

      1. I put mushrooms on half of it. I just added them to the top, not mixed in, because only 2 of the 4 of us like mushrooms. I’m sure it will be great!

  5. Can this be mixed together the day before and then cooked right before the event? Wasn’t sure if dough would dry out.

  6. Yummy… made this recipe with home made biscuits. Didn’t have the pre made biscuits. Little more time to make them..no worries my boys had fun making them.

  7. Tried this for New Year’s Eve and was bummed because I used biscuits instead of the pizza dough. Took forever for the middle to cook and ended up burning the outside layer. I plan to try again with the pizza dough before I give up on the recipe.

    1. Try lowering your oven temp by 50 degrees. It will help not burn the outside layer while giving the inside time to cook. You can also cover with foil.

  8. Wow! This was amazing! I bought bisquits, then saw comment on pizza dough…..I had 1 can on hand so did 1 can of each ! So yummy! A keeper!

        1. Hi Jen, I am making this tomorrow for a party and cant wait to try it! Ques, I didnt see canned pizza dough, just pizza crust….is it the same thing? Thanks!

  9. I made this back in October for our Halloween block party and it was the hit of the food table! It took about 45 min for our dough to be completely done in the center. I kept putting it in for 5min increments and checking it. I definitely recommend adding the garlic powder to the recipe, it adds an extra level of flavor that puts this over the top! Also, it was so easy to throw together and perfect for a large group! Thanks for the recipe, we’ll keep it in the recipe box to use again.

  10. 5 stars
    This recipe was wonderful.I made it tonight. With pillsbury original flaky biscuits. Me and family really thought the biscuits gave it a good taste and texture.And it was easy and fast. Definitely recommend it! Oh i was able to find the biscuits on sale but there wasnt alot of the orignal.

  11. Turned out great and my girls loved it. Thank you so much. Think this will be a fun dish for Super Bowl where we spend more time grazing than sitting at the dinner table.

  12. I just made this tonight very easy. I used biscuits not a problem. My first time making it. My 9 year old who is very picky but he absolutely loved this!
    Thanks for sharing all your recipes. New year new foods to try.

    Alicia V

  13. So with the pizza dough, do you leave it rolled up and just cut it into small ‘chunks’ or roll it out and cut it into little squares or something?

    Trying this for the Super Bowl on Sunday!

  14. 5 stars
    I pre-cooked the pepperoni by itself in the oven for about 7 minutes. I lined a cookie sheet with aluminum foil- this way I was able to drain away most of the grease. I also blotted w/ paper towels to absorb more of the oil. Added bonus: pepperoni was nice & crispy – just the way we like it! It was very yummy & everyone enjoyed it. Super simple to make! 🙂

  15. I’ve used both the refrigerated pizza dough (the kind that you get in the deli section) and the frozen dough (be sure to thaw) and both worked great! I’d recommend letting the dough rise a bit before cutting up. I typically leave the dough ball on a floured cutting board for about 1/2 hr. Super recipe! I’ll be bringing 2 to a super bowl party and I know they’ll be gone before the half time show!

  16. Was very disappointed! Used pizza dough as mentioned for firtst timers. Crust was very dense and dark brown, did not “pull apart at all”. To much cheese and very greedy from the pepperoni.
    I thought I may have read the recipe wrong and put the Parnassians cheese in to early but not so. Sorry, this one was a flop for us.

  17. I tried this recipe last night, and it tasted delicious. Even though I grease my bundt pan, it was a pain to get out. Any tips?

  18. I made the pull apart bread with canned pizza dpugh and instead of shredded mozzarella, i used fresh. it was awesome. needed to cook it an extra 20 min tho. maybe because of the pizza dough.

  19. 3 stars
    I would think that it is somewhat dry without the pizza sauce. It might be a good idea to serve it with a few bowls of the tomato sauce with pizza seasonings for dipping the bread balls into…or even flavored olive oil as a dipping sauce.

    1. 5 stars
      We made this and we didn’t put sauce in the bread itself. It’s actually quite moist, the oil and the cheese keep it from drying out. We dipped ours in pizza sauce and it was really delicious.

  20. Just pulling this out of oven and it smells wonderful. But did anyone notice a lot of olive oil laying on the top and around edges of bread? Is 1/3 cup correct? Hoping it’s not “oily” tasting.

  21. I just finished mixing this and the only thing I would change is I would cut the pizza dough (haven’t tried the biscuits) and as I added it to the empty bowl I would drizzel the olive oil and mix to be sure the oil coated the dough. Then add the other ingredients. I am waiting for it to come out of the oven but it smells good.

  22. Did anyone answer the question about the best way to cut the pizza dough? I am very visual and this only shows the biscuits cut up…

  23. Since I’m not a pepperoni fan, I tried ” cooked” ground beef and tossed it around with the dough. Super super, served with maranara sauce. Family loved it.

  24. 5 stars
    I made this with pizza dough and it was good. I used cooked turkey sausage and added onions and red pepper. I didn’t have any parmesan ,,,, am sure that would have added another dimension of flavor. Sprayed the pan and it did not stick much.

  25. Hi there,
    This recipe looks yummy and easy!! I am going to use a loaf of french garlic bread (torn into pieces) and line my crockpot with it. I will let you know how it turns out 🙂

  26. 2 stars
    Used the biscuits and also had an issue with the middle not getting quite done. Just lowered the temp to 300 degrees and covered with foil for additional time. To me the dish was very rich–maybe too much parmesan cheese. Unsure if I will make again.

  27. I got the canned french bread dough instead and i’m trying it tonight. I think I’ll lower the temp and cook longer but it should turn out like a french bread pizza taste. Yum!

  28. I used canned pizza dough from a tube. For those asking how to cut I sliced into disks (looked like cinnamon rolls) then quartered the slices. Mixed everything together and put in a 9X13 glass pan. Cooked for about 20 min. Came out perfect and everyone loved it!

  29. I was looking for something that was a finger food, that kids would eat. Came across this on the internet yesterday and thought I’d try it. I used 2 bags of frozen pizza dough, thawed it out and covered it and let it rise for about 45 min (directions on the bag). I then cut the dough up in small pieces and followed the rest of the recipe. It was so good! I even had people ask for the recipe!! I also decided to bake it in the 9×13 pan and pulled it apart and stacked the pieces in a pile and served it with marinara sauce. I will definitely make this again….

  30. 5 stars
    My son and I love love pizza so I try to find quick easy recipes to follow! Actually I seek all kinds of easy to make meals . I absolutely love Pintrest its the best sight since The Food Channel ( BETTER ) !!!

  31. 4 stars
    I used only 5 oz Genoa Salami and added 10 Plum Tomatoes cut in quarters and 10 sliced Green Onions. The bread came out great.

  32. I am wanting to put this in a crock pot when I leave for a football game and have it ready when it’s over. Has anyone tried this in a crockpot?

  33. 1 star
    I really wanted this recipe to work but it was an epic fail. My dough inside is still raw and the top is pretty much black at this point due to being in the oven for almost an hour. I knew there was a reason I disliked baking with bunt cake pans :/

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