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DIY Pen Holder

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DIY Pen Holder

Love to get crafty with upcycling? I sure do! This very customizable DIY Pen Holder looks wonderful on a desk and makes a terrific inexpensive gift. Read on and I’ll give you all the measurements and a few tricks to make one yourself. Oh and you can make the pens match too! Whoohoo

DIY Pen Holder


Before we get started here’s a tip on choosing your papers. For the pen holder itself you can use patterned paper, which is pretty flexible/thin, or cardstock. But when it comes to customizing the pens you absolutely need something that is paper weight, NOT cardstock weight.

Start by cutting and adhering your paper/cardstock onto the empty frosting container.

Cut the larger one 3 1/4″ x 11″. Adhere this straight to the container by placing adhesive at both ends and a little in the middle.

Cut the smaller one 3″ x 11″. Repeat the step above to adhere over the first paper/cardstock.

Note: DO NOT adhere the papers to each other and then wrap/adhere around the container. It doesn’t work. You must adhere them one layer at a time.

DIY Pen Holder

Your recycled container should now look something like this.

DIY Pen Holder

Looks pretty good but I thought it needed a little more so I decided to add some ribbon.

I am a long time paper crafter and have definite opinions on which adhesives work best for what. While I love Red Line Tape for paper to paper when you need something really strong. My favorite for ribbon and embellishments in Tombow Mono Liquid. It holds quickly and really well and I love the two ends of the applicator, big and tiny.

DIY Pen Holder

DIY Pen Holder

Now let’s move on to making the matching pens.

Begin by cutting pieces of your scrapbook paper 3 1/2″ x 7/8″. A paper cutter comes in very handy for this. This is a great starter paper cutter.

Then unscrew the non writing end of the each pen.

Curl the paper using your fingers, wrap around the ink and carefully slide both back into the pen case.

DIY Pen Holder

These looked great and thought they would look even better with a little ribbon. So I tied a small strip of ribbon on the clip of each pen.

DIY Pen Holder

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