Valentine’s Day Games: Hearts and Arrows

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Valentine's Day Games

Valentine’s Day Games:  Hearts and Arrows

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is right around the corner?  Since it’s a beautiful day here in Texas I insisted my children go outside to play.  Why does it always seem to be a job to make them go outside?  And then after they find something fun to do, they don’t want to come in.  It always seems to work out that way.  Well today we decided to walk around and find some rocks to paint.  We decided to create a simple game using items we find outside with a little bit of DecoArt outdoor patio paint.

Our game is called Hearts and Arrows and it’s themed perfectly for Valentine’s Day games!  You would have thought we invented a whole new game of tic-tac-toe just by changing up the X’s and O’s.  The kids loved it.  Not only did they have fun playing it outside in the beautiful weather but they also had fun painting the rocks.  There’s nothing better than finding an inexpensive game from rocks you find in your yard and adding a bit of art and creativity to it.  I swear it kept those kids entertained for a few hours at least.

To make your have Valentine’s Day game of Hearts and Arrows you will need a few items:

  • 9 or more rocks
  • Paint (I use the DecoArt outdoor paint because it last the longest and it’s inexpensive)
  • Chalk

We have painted arrows on one side of the rock and hearts on the other side of the same rock.  This way you can just flip the rock over to whatever symbol you decide to play for that round.  You play the game just like you would tic-tac-toe by trying to get three of the same symbols in a row to win.

I enjoy the simple things in life and this is just one example of that.  I almost always have bubbles, balls, kites, sand and art supplies on hand when the kids get bored.  We live on a large piece of property with acres of land.  Our chickens decided they wanted to see what the game was about too.

Valentine's Day Games

If you love simple Valentine’s Day crafts be sure to check out our Valentine Pencils craft.  It’s cute and sugar free!  Lol!

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