Easy Snowman Ornament

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Easy Snowman Ornament

easy snowman ornament

I LOVE doing crafts! I try to be as crafty as I can and I really like to involve my kids whenever possible. I think it’s great for them to see how to turn “trash” into treasure. This Easy Snowman Ornament is a great craft to do with the kids. They can make a basic snowman, like we did here, or get really creative and add earmuffs, hair or even accessories. These are super easy to make, and would also make a cute gift. Since a lot of schools won’t let you take “food” items anymore, you could help your kiddos make one for each kid in their class. They could paint any design, not just snowmen, and make it personal for each friend.

Here is what you’ll need to make the Easy Snowman Ornament:

  • Glass or plastic round ornaments – I totally prefer the plastic ornaments. They will probably be dropped at some point and this way they have a better chance of surviving the fall!
  • Synthetic snow
  • Acrylic Paint – I want to try this with Sharpie markers too. I just wonder if it would show up good.

Step 1: Remove the metal end of the ornament and add some fake snow. You don’t have to fill the entire ornament full, but for the snowman we went close to the top. We also used a funnel to get our snow in there without making a mess. Then replace the metal top.

Step 2: Use orange paint to make a carrot nose and use black paint for the eyes and mouth.

Step 3: Let the paint dry completely.

Once the ornament is dry, add a hook or even use ribbon for a cute hanger. If you are giving these as gifts, you may want to also add the person’s name to each ornament. I know at our local craft store boxes of the plastic ornament are the first ones to go, so if you have trouble finding them, you can also purchase them HERE.

easy snowman ornament

Be sure to check out our other fun and easy crafts HERE. I’ll be adding more throughout the holidays so come back and visit us often.



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