Tiny Texas Houses

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Check Out These Tiny Houses in Texas

I was first introduced to Tiny Texas Houses about two years ago, when I caught them on HGTV. I learned how they took the past and used old items to build the future!

Tiny Texas Houses have been designed and built with 99% vintage salvaged materials. Each hand-crafted Tiny Texas House is a unique piece of sustainable, energy efficient, healthy, livable House Art.  I just knew I had to take a fun little field trip and take a tour.  Tiny Texas Houses is 42 acres located right off of I-10 in Luling, Texas.  (Get full directions here)

Fast forward to today. I remembered Tiny Texas Houses and was thinking it was time for that field trip because it was starting to cool off, and by that I mean it was only about 90 degrees in Texas.

I decided to learn a little more about Tiny Texas Houses prior to our visit and wowza was I impressed and inspired.

Tiny Texas Houses

Brad Kittel is the founder of Tiny Texas Houses and is an amazing person. The basic premise behind his pint sized abodes is green living to the max. Here’s how it works.

Brad and his team tear down old structures, houses, barns, outbuildings, and save all the materials to build new, tiny houses. While it sounds like a simple idea there are so many benefits wrapped up in that statement it’s hard to believe.

Tiny Texas Houses

Here’s why building tiny houses from salvaged materials is so impressive.

• The old buildings don’t end up in a landfill

• The new tiny houses are built of virgin timber, and handcrafted hardware

• Virgin timber is stronger than anything we can get today so the new structures will last a century or more

• The new tiny houses are toxin free

• A tiny house can be built by almost anyone

• If a tiny house can be built by almost anyone you can house your family and friends for very little money . . . meaning no crazy mortgages to pay and more time to spend with your family and friends (i.e. sweet and simple living)

• Tiny houses are portable so when it’s time to move you can take your home with you which lessens the stress of moving a lot

• You home can consist of several tiny houses so you can add on an office or bedroom for a new baby or grandma without having to move

• When the kiddos head off on their own to college or elsewhere they can take their “bedroom house” with them and have an inexpensive place to live.

• You aren’t stuck with a 3,000 square foot house when it comes time to retire

• When you reach the golden years and need support from family you can keep your autonomy by moving your tiny house to be near them

Tiny Texas Houses
Small Tiny Texas Houses Kitchen


I was so impressed by all of this that even though we had just purchased a 2,800 square foot house that we loved less than six months ago I wanted to sell it and get a tiny house . . . well a tiny house, plus a few extras for a craft room, guest house etc.

Besides all of that the tiny houses are so well made and adorable how could you not want one.

Here are some more shots from our visit.

Tiny Houses Shower

The shower stall is lined with reclaimed tin, I believe from ceilings. They coat it with their own tung oil recipe to make it repel water so it doesn’t rust.

Tiny Houses Upstairs

This is the upstairs of a tiny house that will be used as a hunting cabin.

Tiny Houses Church

How about a tiny house church?

Tiny Houses Collage 3

If you’re ever in central Texas stopping by Tiny Texas Houses for one of their Saturday tours is definitely worth your while.

You can find out more here.

We took so many photos that we decided to create a slide share video for you!  At the very end you will see the cutest kitty that lives at Texas Tiny Houses and she found my shoe laces.


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