Best Christmas Paper Craft Idea: Snowman Soup

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Best Christmas Paper Craft Idea: Snowman Soup

Do you wanna know the Best Christmas Paper Craft Idea out there? Snowman soup fits the bill every time!   Snowman soup is just a fancy way to give hot chocolate with all the little goodies. I make a version or two of this every year. Sometimes I include the little poem (you can find it at the bottom of this post) and sometimes I don’t. This year I liked how it turned out so well I decided to stop while I was ahead and not include the poem.

Best Christmas Paper Craft Idea

To create this year’s version of Snowman Soup I ran to Starbucks, purchased a couple five dollar gift cards and then asked for empty cups with lids to go with them. If you do this remember to ask for an extra cup to make your template from. I forgot!

Below you’ll see everything I started with.

Best Christmas Paper Craft Idea

  • Hot cocoa mix
  • Hershey Kisses
  • Mini Marshmallows in a small baggie
  • Small Candy Canes
  • Starbucks Gift Card (optional: and if you are short on time you can always purchase an Amazon Gift card online and print it out too)
  • Disposable Coffee Cup with Lid
  • Winter Themed Scrapbook Paper 12″x12″
  • 1 1/2″ Burlap Ribbon
  • 5/8″ White Ribbon
  • Snowflake Embellishments
  • Double Sided Tape (optional)

Note: There is also a small pad of 8″x8″ scrapbook paper. I thought I might use this for embellishing but I ended up using something else.

If you’d like to make these without getting cups from a restaurant you can get them here. I’ve also seen them at the grocery store, but not with white lids, only black.

Start by tearing apart your extra cup. Just pull it apart at the side seam and then tear the bottom off.

BEST Christmas Paper Craft Ideas: Snowman Soup

Next, trace around the flattened cup onto your paper of choice. You will probably be able to get two cup covers per sheet of 12″x12″ paper. I used one of the papers from the Fancy Pants Timbergrove Paper Pack.

Christmas Paper Craft Ideas: Snowman Soup

You’ll notice after I traced the outline of the flattened cup I added about 1/4″ extra over on the right. In my case, the way I tore my cup apart, it created it’s own extra bit, so it wasn’t necessary and I ended up cutting it off. However, I suggest you go ahead and do this in case you need it. Just depends on how your original cup comes apart.

Once you’ve got it traced then cut it out.

Next, dry fit the paper around the actual cup.

Christmas Paper Craft Ideas: Snowman Soup

You’ll notice when I did a dry fit my paper ended up being too long. This will probably be the case with yours as well. The reason being when you trace around the flattened cup you are going around the rolled edge at the top of the cup. There really isn’t anyway around it so just follow my steps.

Since it was too long I drew a line across the bottom and cut off about 1/4″. That made it fit just fine.

Christmas Paper Craft Ideas: Snowman Soup

Next I placed a strip of super sticky double sided tape down both sides of my cup cover. I always use what crafters refer to as Redline tape. To me it’s worth it’s weight in gold. I use it in my paper crafting all the time and occasionally for other things as well.

Christmas Paper Craft Ideas: Snowman Soup

Peel off the backing from one strip of the double sided tape (if you’re using a tape that has a backing) and adhere to the cup. I always adhere mine to the cup right along the seam. The seam acts as a guide to keep things straight.

Wrap the paper around the cup and adhere the other side. Your cup should now be covered and ready to be filled.

Christmas Paper Craft Ideas: Snowman Soup

I was lucky to find a gift card at Starbucks that had a snowman on it. In my cup I included hot cocoa, a baggie of mini marshmallows, two Hershey Kisses, a small wrapped candy came and the $5 Starbucks gift card. Once you have everything inside place the lid on top.

From here determine what length of ribbon you’ll need to go around your cup.

Christmas Paper Craft Ideas: Snowman Soup

Once I determined the length of ribbon I needed, I cut that much from both my burlap and white ribbons. I used a few pieces of double sided tape to adhere the white ribbon over the burlap ribbon. I also added a small piece of double sided tape to either side of the lid to help hold the ribbons in place as shown above.

Next, cut a length of white ribbon long enough to tie a good bow. Ribbons of different widths will take different lengths to tie a bow. To figure this out I tie a bow before I cut the ribbon to see how much it takes, add a little extra, then cut. Tie the ends of the ribbon up with the piece you just cut and then tie a bow.

Christmas Paper Craft Ideas: Snowman Soup

The last thing I did was add a couple stamped snowflakes and a small rhinestone on the front. While I stamped these if you don’t have a stamp you can find lots of embellishments like this in the paper craft section of any store. You could also pick up something similar at the dollar store in the Christmas section or a cute ornament.

This is a great gift for coworkers, teachers, crossing guards, the mailman, friends and neighbors.

Now ask yourself.

Christmas Paper Craft Ideas: Snowman Soup

Snowman Soup Poem

Was told you’ve been real good this year. Always glad to hear it! With freezing weather drawing near, you’ll need to warm the spirit.

So here’s a little snowman soup, complete with stirring stick. Add hot milk and sip it slow, it’s sure to do the trick!


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