Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath with FREE Tutorial

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Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath Tutorial

Are you looking to get crafty this Valentine’s Day? Then our Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath tutorial may be just what you’re looking for. Easy enough for beginners yet comes out so beautiful even seasoned crafters will enjoy making one.



Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath Supplies:

Valentine's Day Heart Wreath 2

1. Start by cutting all six sheets of the paper into 1/2″ x 12″ strips.

2. Using a bone folder (or scissors) curl the paper half way one direction and then half way the other direction. The two ends should curl toward each other as shown below.

I’ve been making round wreaths like this for years. When I get to this step I grab a bowl and curl all the strips while watching TV.

Valentine's Day Heart Wreath 3

3. Attach each paper curl to the Styrofoam wreath form using a straight pin. The reason you want pins that are at least an inch long is so they have enough length to grab the Styrofoam.

4. Repeat Step 3 working your way around the wreath. Mixing the papers as you like.

Valentine's Day Heart Wreath 4

5. To add the ribbon hanger just attach a length of ribbon to the back of the wreath form with more pins.

Valentine's Day Heart Wreath 5

Valentine's Day Heart Wreath 1a


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Valentine's Day Heart Wreath Tutorial step by step guide

Valentine's Day Heart Wreath Tutorial

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    1. I Love this Valentines Day Heart Wreath!!! Im very crafty and I Looovvveee artwork!! Im definitely going to make time, being a single mother to a 22 month old!! I want to make this for my mother!! She is my hero- she has raised 8 girls, she has 15 grandchildren, a HUGE HEART, and she is my everything- my rock!!! She deserves this BEAUTIFUL WREATH, so she will be getting one from me!!!!

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