My Gratitude Jar for 2017

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Gratitude Jar 2017

Update!  We started this project a few years ago and loved it so much that we have updated it with a new printable for 2017!

Look at my new Gratitude Jar!!!  I’ve seen lots of gratitude jars on Pinterest, as I’m sure you have. I decided today was the perfect day to take action and actually do it. You could of course start anytime but the beginning of a new year couldn’t be a better time.

Gratitude Jar

The idea behind this simple jar is to jot down good things that happen to you and your family through out the year. Anyone can grab a scrap of paper and add to the jar. This is a great way to instill gratitude in your children and a way to remember to celebrate the little things.  For example, I have a note about how grateful I was to visit Tiny Texas Houses this year with my friend Jen.

Now imagine New Year’s Eve 2014. Gathering your family. Opening the jar. Pouring out all the little slips of paper, full of memories and sharing them just before midnight.

Also a great thing to do when you’re feeling a little down.

All you need is a clean glass jar and a little paint for the lid. I keep a stash of them under my sink just for projects like this. I’m the kind of person that needs to have the supplies on hand when the mood strikes. I just throw jars I like in the dishwasher and then they are ready when I am.

Paint the lid a coordinating color. I used Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in French Linen.

Gratitude Jar Painting

Pro Tip: If you need to walk away from your painting project, rather than wash the brush, just wrap it in plastic wrap or place it in a baggie.

Since I wasn’t going to be gone long, just while the first coat of paint was drying, I put my brush in a baggie. The handle does stick out, so it wasn’t sealed up completely but it is enough to keep it while the first coat dries. I’ve done this when painting a room and am done for the day. When I’m going to leave it over night I use plastic wrap. I’ve even wrapped my paint tray.

Print the “Good Things 2014” label, cut it out and glue to the jar. I used my favorite paper adhesive Tombow Mono. It’s great because the paper won’t wrinkle, it isn’t super slippery and once dry, will stay forever.



Get the 2017 Printable Label here:  Good Things 2017 Printable Label

Feel free to Pin it on Pinterest for later:

2017 Good Things Jar Free Printable Label


Now you’re ready to go. I was also thinking about making a few of these for friends.


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