Valentine Crafts: Quick and Easy Treat Holders

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Valentine Crafts: Quick and Easy Treat Holders

Looking for Valentine Crafts? We’ve got another great idea just for you! We know you always want quick and easy Valentine crafts, how about inexpensive too? These are all three. You can get six of these treat holders from just one sheet of 12″x12″ scrapbook paper. At about $.50 cents a sheet, you really can’t go wrong.

Valentine Crafts

If these look a bit familiar it’s because we also made them during the Christmas season. That’s another great thing, they are so versatile. Just change up the paper and they are perfect for any occasion and can hold wrapped or lose candy.

While I love these, we did see one way to improve them. We wanted a way for the recipient to open them without having to tear them open. After a little thinking the idea sparked. Instead of closing both ends with double sided tape we closed one side by punching two small holes and inserting a short length of ribbon or lace.

Valentine Crafts 2Valentine Crafts 1

Click here to get the FREE tutorial to make these yourself.

Looking for more Valentine crafts? Check out the Valentine’s Day Heart Wreath. Also with a FREE tutorial.


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