Easy Crockpot Apple Cider Recipe

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Easy Crockpot Apple Cider

I’m not sure if it’s because I love fall, was born in October, or what, but I love all things apple. Apple juice, apple cider, apple pie, apple tarts, anything apple. I first learned this super easy crockpot apple cider recipe when I was in middle school. My mom owned and operated a small craft store and she would make this to serve at the store during the holidays.

Easy Crockpot Apple Cider Recipe

While my past makes me think of this for the Christmas holidays I think it would be great for Valentine’s as well.  After all, February is usually pretty chilly across the country. Why not warm your Valentine’s heart with a hot apple cider made with love.

I know, enough sappiness, let’s get on to the recipe. The really crazy part is this recipe only takes two ingredients. Apple juice and cinnamon red hot candies.

Easy Crockpot Apple Cider

Before I go on I do have to talk about the best crockpot of all time. I’ve had this one for years.

Why do I love this crockpot so much?

  • The crock is removeable for washing
  • It has latches built in on the sides so it won’t spill when you take it for potlucks
  • The handle has a slot to hold a spoon, which came with it

What’s not to love?

Anyway, to make this easy crockpot apple cider just pour the apple juice and cinnamon red hots into your crockpot at a ratio of 1 quart apple juice to 1/4 cup cinnamon red hots. Let it warm until the red hots dissolve, stir and serve warm.

We didn’t drink it all the day I made this so I put it in the fridge. It also tastes good cold, so the neighborhood kids reported.

Easy Crockpot Apple Cider Recipe

Course Drink


  • 1 Quart Apple Juice
  • 1/4 Cup Red Hot Candies


  • Pour apple juice and Red Hot Candies into the crockpot. Cook until the Red Hots dissolve. Stir and server warm. Also good cold.

Easy Crockpot Apple Cider Recipe

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