Preschool Valentine Crafts: Fruit Loop Heart Bird Feeder

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Preschool Valentine Crafts: Fruit Loop Heart Bird Feeder

We know even the littlest among us want to get involved in the day of love so we wanted to share some terrific preschool valentine crafts. Today we’ll start with a Fruit Loop Heart Bird Feeder. Since Valentine’s Day falls during winter, when birds have the most difficulty finding food, your preschooler will be happy to show some love to their feathered friends.

Preschool Valentine Crafts Fruit Loop Bird Feeder

So simple and easy and perfect to do at snack time. The kiddos can snack and craft at the same time. Just grab a chenille stem (pipe cleaner) and Fruit Loops.

Preschool Valentine Crafts

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Then let the kiddos string the Fruit Loops onto the chenille stem.

Preschool Valentine Crafts

You can start by forming the heart and then letting them add the cereal or let them string and then form the heart.

Once the cereal is strung and the heart formed bring the bottom together and twist.

Last you can add a bit of twine to hang the bird feeder or loop it straight over a branch.

Preschool Valentine Crafts Fruit Loop Bird Feeder

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  1. Hi!
    I love this idea. I’m in charge of the craft for my son’s kindergarten class Valentine’s party. I have to buy supplies for 21 students and was trying to decide how many boxes of Fruit Loops to get. Any ideas?

  2. these are very cute! but even birds should avoid junk food like fruit loops. i’ll look for something more nutritious for kids and birds for stringing.

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