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Thanksgiving Day Leftovers in a Mason Jar

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Thanksgiving Day Leftovers in a Mason Jar


Thanksgiving Leftovers in a Mason Jar

I love hosting Thanksgiving Day at my house.  I love all the Thanksgiving Day leftovers too.  I usually bake way too much and I always want to send some home when our guests leave.  Here’s a fun way to pack your Thanksgiving Day leftovers to go for your guests.  Just make sure you have plenty of Mason jars on hand before the big day.  I highly suggest the 16 oz wide mouth mason jars just like these seen on Amazon.  They are easier to eat out of.  You can customize each leftover jar with the likes of each guest too.

We started our leftovers with sweet potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole and lastly turkey.  If you are adding gravy to the turkey, you may want to start with the turkey and gravy as your first ingredient.

I love the thought of using a Mason Jar instead of some plastic container.  Mason jars are microwave safe too.  Just be sure to remove the lid.  It’s cute and easy to take on the go to.  We love the Mason Jar salads in a jar too.   If you want to make sure these leftovers last longer than usually, I highly suggest using the FoodSaver V4840 Two-in-One Vacuum Sealing System.  It’s worth every penny!  It was tested in the Mason Jar Salads article here and these salads were still crisp after 7 days!  I use my foodsaver often.   There is a wide mouth jar attachment seen here on Amazon too.  I’ve not seen this wide mouth jar attachment at my local stores yet though.  If you need it, save yourself some time (and gas) and order it online.

Thanksgiving to go jars


These would be even better if you had a label or ribbon added to them if you wanted to go for that extra touch.

Thanksgiving Day Leftovers in a Mason Jar

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