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Owl Crafts: Easy Treat Bag (Perfect for Parties)

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Owl Crafts: Easy Treat Bag

Like many, we love owls. So we are super excited when we can share easy owl crafts and today we’ve got one that is perfect for Valentine’s Day but also great year round.

Owl Crafts: Easy Treat Bag

We created these using small paper bags, some circle punches and a little creativity. Don’t fret if you don’t have circle punches or creativity. We’ve also got a FREE printable!

If you go searching for bags like the ones we used you are looking for 2 lb bags. Or you can get them here. They are great to have on hand. I use them all the time because there are so many ways you can fancy them up.

Begin by cutting out all the pieces from cardstock and/or scrapbook papers. If the kiddos are making them construction paper would work well.

If you have punches, those are great for the eyes. Here are the sizes we used.

2 1/2″ Circle Punch for the dark brown eyes.

1 3/4″ Circle Punch for the white of the eyes.

3/4″ Circle Punch for the pupils.

Owl Crafts Easy Treat Bag

Next fold down the top of the paper bag about 2″ to make a crease. The fold the bag in half but you don’t need to crease it. Just hold it there so you can cut the triangle off as shown below.

Here’s where we can save you a little time. We made the mistake of gluing the eyes on at this point but you actually want to glue the hearts on first because the eyes go over the heart.

Next glue the eyes together and lay them on the bag with the nose and fold the flap down so you can adjust their placement. Once you like the way it looks glue the eyes and nose in place. The nose should go over the intersection of the eyes.

Owl Crafts Easy Treat Bag

From here you can fill the bag with any treats you like. These are perfect to hold candy, small toys, or your favorite homemade cookies! Be sure to check out our Chocolate Cookies: Homemade Recipe. Their cake like texture and creamy chocolate top are so delicious!

Owl Crafts Easy Treat Bag

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  2. These are super cute but your printable link isn’t working. If you can get it working will you let me know? Thanks!

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